Layher - Cassette Roof System


Layher - Cassette Roof System

Stability plus the additional stiffening effect of the roof cassettes lead to a clear saving on material, with positive effects for the overall structure. Only a few girder stiffeners are needed, and usually tension bars can be dispensed with or their load-increasing effect used instead. Only every second bay is assembled as a complete truss on the ground, the intermediate bays are then simply closed on the roof using cassettes. The low amount of material needed is matched by the speed of assembly: just 2 men place the cassettes inside the truss chords – without the tedious work of pulling or lashing them down – they're just positioned, fixed using wedges, and that's it. A crane lifts the prepared trusses onto the supporting structure and also stacks the cassettes for the intermediate bays onto the roof. They are then placed inside the truss upper chords, likewise by 2 men. The combination of crane handling and manual final assembly results in a convincing saving in assembly time and labour costs.

Layher - Cassette Roof System

Layher - Cassette Roof System
Layher - Cassette Roof System
Layher - Cassette Roof System

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