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When you need to compliment your stairway with a safety stair edging featuring the most ideal combination of good product design, great looks and highly effective non-slip performance, ARCHITECTURAL ANTI-SLIP STAIR COVERS (NOSINGS) are the clear choice.

Different profiles that are ready to fit over almost all types and styles of step treads, ARCHITECTURAL ANTI-SLIP STAIR COVERS (NOSINGS) can also be configured to include glow in the dark capability that will integrate with your emergency escape pathway marking.

  • Highly non-slip to eliminate slip and fall accidents.
  • Bright, long lasting glow in the dark capability for emergency situations.
  • Eliminates wear and damage to high contact points on the stair tread.
  • Clearly defines stair tread edges to prevent over-stepping.

ARCHITECTURAL ANTI-SLIP STAIR COVERS (NOSINGS) are designed to be very easily fitted to the front edge of most types of new and existing stair treads including timber, tiled, masonry and steel. You have the versatility to elect what profile shape you wish your stair nosing to be and also mix match anti-slip insert material with glow in the dark strips.

Manufactured from strong extruded alloy base material and having a highly non-slip and wear resistant insert, means your nosing will remain effective and good looking for many years, even under heavy traffic. Not only do ARCHITECTURAL ANTI-SLIP STAIR COVERS (NOSINGS) offer the best available non-slip feature but they clearly define the edge of each stair tread preventing over-stepping and fall accidents even in low and no light conditions.

Ideal for applications where image is as important as safety. Recommended for all commercial or domestic applications, marine, transport, in fact any place stairs need non-slip protection.

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