In the last few years the problem of security has become more and more relevant. Also incited by the european normative laws which follow each other, the theory of prevention and protection of the safety of people and things has grown up in all fields, in working places, public buildings, transports, environment and also in the domestic field: more than 45.000 are the accidents which occur in our homes every year.


The main points on which the new theory of security is based are the information and the training. Information on risks which are often undervalued; training in order to convey the knowledges and the means necessary to address behaviour towards a complete prevention. A” knowledge” which becomes “knowing what to do” to be the material executors of one’s own or of others’ security on sea.

So, when the danger is fire, it is often determinant to have at one’s disposal suitable means to prevent every circumstance. That is why we believe it is important to let you know an innovative product which offers all the warranties required by the last european normative laws and it can be an important allied for your security.


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