Nederman - Hose and Cable Reels - Balancer

Hose and Cable Reels - Balancer

Cable Reels

* Series C20/C30
* Series 793

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Nederman - Extraction arms

Extraction arms

Extraction Arms - Non-explosive applications

* Telescopic Arm
* Extraction Arm Standard
* Extraction Arm Original
* Extration Arm Original CR
* Extraction Arm NEX HD
* Extraction Arm NEX MD
* Bodywork Arm
* Extension Arm
* Windscreen Arm
* Extraction Arm on Rail
* Welding & Grinding Table

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Nederman - Fans


Nederman N Fans

The Nederman N series fan is a central component in Nederman's wide assortment of quality products for fume extraction and filtering as well as for vehicle exhaust extraction.
Sound absorbers are available for all Nederman Fans.
The N series Fans are also suitable for mounting as freestanding fans.

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Nederman - Filters


Nederman FilterBox

Flexible and modular system that solves most common demands regarding welding fumes and dust. Accessories can be attached to improve individual applications. Can be combined to work as a mobile unit or as a fixed mounted unit. For extra efficient filter cleaning the FilterBox can be equipped with compressed air cleaning.
FilterBox in Spaceblue is designed especially for food, medical or chemical industry. All features apply to the standard model.

FilterBox Monitor: Automatic filter cleaning process handled by a control box at a pre-set value.
FilterBox Standard: Semi-automatic filter cleaning process manually initiated on the control box.
FilterBox Basic: Manually filter cleaning by a hand crank

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Nederman - Norclean Line

Nederman Norclean Line

Ab ejector units Nederman Norclean

Ab014 - Drum filler

Handy ejector-driven drum filler, an efficient remedy for collection and transport of oil, chemicals, water etc. It is placed in a bung-hole (R 2”) of an empty but suitable oil drum. By connecting the unit to a compressed air hose and a suction hose, it is ready for use. Suction stops when the drum is full, due to the built-in float stop. Suitable for emptying of oil sumps, oil drums and dry suction of floors after oil spill etc.NB! Drum is not included.

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