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Exhaust Extraction Systems

Balancer 831

The balancer supports the exhaust hose and keeps the hose and nozzle lifted at all times. The reversed spring power makes handling the hose very easy and safe, offering an even pulling force and lifting power. An integrated centrifugal brake prevents the hose from being lifted too quickly, which minimises the risk of personal injury and damage to vehicles. Hoist length: 8m.

Systems for Stationary Vehicles

Single/Twin Exhaust Extractor

Single Exhaust Extractor is a reliable and functional solution for all types of stationary vehicles. Available with balancer or a cord for manual hose suspension. The balancer automatically raises the hose and nozzle after disconnection, and keeps them lifted at all times. Models for high temperature application are available. Very easy to install, using the included bracket. Prepared for fan mounting on bracket. Twin Exhaust Extractor removes exhaust fumes from two vehicles at the same time, or from vehicles with twin exhaust pipes. Very easy to install, using the included bracket. Prepared for fan mounting on bracket.
The Twin Extractor removes exhaust fumes from two vehicles at the same time, or from vehicles with twin exhaust pipes. It is very easy to install, using the bracket included. Prepared for fan mounting on bracket.

Hose Reel 865 spring recoiled

Exhaust Hose Reel 865 S and SD

Choose between model S with non crush-proof rubber hose, and model SD with crush-proof rubber hose and integrated automatic damper. Mounting of fan directly on reel is possible

* Patented spring drive makes the hose very easy to uncoil
* Increased safety and efficiency with optional retraction control
* Optional automatic fan on/off switch for reduced energy consumption
* Download brochure

Nederman Trackarm

Nederman Trackarm is a wall mounted extraction arm for heavy stationary vehicles and equipment. The horizontal hose is compressible and fixed to a 180 degrees pivoting arm. The arm is very easy to move and stays exactly in the desired position. A balancer keeps the hose lifted and strached at all times.

* Handles large volumes of exhaust
* Reaches exhaust pipes within an area of 76 m2
* Includes safety coupling for safe operation

Hose Reel 865 motor driven

Operated via a hand unit - either an IR or a pendant control. The status of operation is shown in a receiving eye on the reel. Electronic limit switches reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wear of the hose - the settings are made from floor level. Mounting of fan directly on reel is possible.

* Convenient and safe operation
* Automatic fan operation
* Simple electrical installation

Extraction system 920

Easy to handle systems for all types of workshops. Unique design of rail and trolley gives very high extraction efficiency. Extraction units are available with balancer for keeping the hose raised, and damper for automatic airflow control. Using click on brackets for rail means easy installation. Extraction units are easy to move, thanks to lightweight material and ball bearing wheels. One extraction unit can serve several workbays. Two 400 units serve cars with twin exhaust pipes. Manual disconnection of exhaust nozzles.

Exhaust Nozzles

*Rubber nozzles quick and easy to connect and disconnect.
*Metal nozzles simple and robust, resistant to very high temperature exhaust.
*Emission test funnels and special design for handling large volumes of hot exhaust and for various types of exhaust pipes e.g. at inspection centers.

For information about other Nederman exhaust nozzles, e.g. pneumatic nozzles and nozzles for automatic disconnection, please contact your nearest Nederman dealer.

Emergency vehicles in motion


Nederman MagnaRail is a high capacity system designed to handle large volumes of exhaust fume. The suction duct serves not only as an exhaust duct, but also as the guide rail that the extraction trolley travels in.

Ideal for a drive-through application for vehicles with either high level or low level exhaust pipes. The rail is available in increments of 2.5 m or 5 m, up to a total of 30 m.

* Capacity: up to 4 vehicles per system
* High exit speed: up to 25 km/h; 15 mph
* Automatic return as option


The Nederman ALU-FLOWLINE Exhaust Extraction System is a fully automatic extraction and hose return system designed to meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturer and vehicle inspectorates. Vehicles moving along a manufacturing or inspection line with their engines running require a system that:

* extracts exhaust fumes continously
* travels along with the vehicle
* is robust and very durable.

MagnaTrack HS/S/ST

Nederman MagnaTrack HS is available in lengths from 3.5 m to 18 m.

* Capacity: 1 vehicle per system
* High exit speed: 25 km/h; 15 mph
* Exhaust pipes: High level or Low level

Nederman MagnaTrack S is designed to serve vehicles with a fewer runs and lower exit speeds than the HS version. It is available in track lengths from 5.9 m upt o 11.8 m.

* Capacity: 1 vehicle per system
* Normal exit speed: up to 15 km/h; 10 mph
* Exhaust pipes: Low level


Nederman MagnaStack is a fully automatic exhaust extraction system, based on the same technique as MagnaTrack. The extraction unit, however, is a hood enclosure. This connects automatically with the vertical exhaust stack as the vehicle is backed in to the parking bay. An electro-magnet attaches the stack to the hood, and instantly releases the stack at the doorway as the vehicle exits.

* Capacity: 1 vehicle per system
* Normal exit speed: up to 15 km/h; 10 mph
* Exhaust pipes: Vertical stacks

Pneumatic Track System -PTS

PTS is suitable for stations where vehicles vary from time to time. The system is based on a nozzle expanded by compressed air, fixing and sealing the nozzle tightly round the tail pipe. PTS is supplied with a choice of two different sized nozzles to fit the most common types of tail pipes. A quick coupler makes it easy to interchange the nozzles.

* Capacity: 1 vehicle pers system
* Exhaust pipes: low level tail puipes
* Normal exit speed up to 25 km/h - 15 min


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