Nederman - Workplace Screening

Workplace Screening

* Standard Curtains

The protection curtain screens are easily removable for welding, grind-ing, turning, milling etc, and are ideal for the screening of temporary or permanent work places. The frame is manufactured from galvanised tube and the curtain of self-extinguishing PVC material in same colours as the standard curtains above (whereof four are complying to EN1598 for welding). Delivered complete with frame and curtain with total dimension WxH=1700x2000mm (just curtain H=1700 mm). Weight 7.5kg.

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Nederman - Bench Top Extraction Systems

Bench Top Extraction Systems

* BenchTop Extraction Arms

FX Extraction Arm 32

The Nederman BenchTop arms can be used in every type of environment, ranging from assembly stations, where solder fumes are extracted, to laboratories, where protection against highly corrosive or noxious gases is vital.

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Nederman - Exhaust Extraction Systems

Exhaust Extraction Systems

Balancer 831

The balancer supports the exhaust hose and keeps the hose and nozzle lifted at all times. The reversed spring power makes handling the hose very easy and safe, offering an even pulling force and lifting power. An integrated centrifugal brake prevents the hose from being lifted too quickly, which minimises the risk of personal injury and damage to vehicles. Hoist length: 8m.

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Nederman - High Vacuum Units

High Vacuum Units

Nederman L-Pak units

Offer a very flexible solution for removing dust and fumes in alla types of industries. Smart and compact design makes it easy to place L-Pak even in small workshops. Two stage separation filter and automtic filter cleaning by reversed air pulse. The unit has integrated PLC.

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Nederman - High Vacuum dust collectors & separators

High Vacuum dust collectors & separators

Portable Pre-separators

* KSA 70
* FA7
* GA 150
* GA 500

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Nederman - High Vacuum Accessories

High Vacuum Accessories

High Vacuum Arms

* Swing Arm
* Balance arm

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