Floatex in collaboration with the most important companies in the field of environmental monitoring systems, supplies a floating elastic beacon or monit buoy for phisycal/chemical and metereologycal monitoring.


The system consist in an offshore station for automatic data collection installed on elastic beacons. The platform provides real surveillance both in case of accidental pollution (rapid evolution of the phenomena) making oceanographic and meteo data instantly available. Monit-Med can be installed in open sea on 18 up to 100 m of water depth; the power shall be provide by photovoltaic cells. The mechanic characteristics of the Monit-Med (MEDA) allows for on-site positioning of different instruments for the monitoring of ecological and oceanographic parameters or for area surveillance; Additionally, it is possible to install a TV or Infrared (IR) camera for surveillance of the marine area or the nearby coast (fire alert) A dedicated on-board computer provides automatic management of the sensors package for sampling at different depths and for data collection and processing, checking for chlorophyll in the eutrophic or hypertrophic areas (chronic pollution) or for accidental environmental pollution. A GPS will also be installed, and for data transmission a GSM system can be used.
To realize the data acquisition systems, FLOATEX have selected and widely tested a broad range of instruments to guarantee long efficiency and uniform reliability of measurements combined with reduced maintenance. Several type of sensors are available, each of superior quality, to be able to meet all customer requirements. FLOATEX is leader in the production of oceanographic buoys and seamarks and can supply complete monitoring systems for marine environments.
FLOATEX is available to study and realize systems for every field of application where data acquisition and process control are the solution of customer’s needs.


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The floating buoy system makes MONIT-BOA suitable either for shallow water or lagoons areas or no sheltered deeper sea sites.
This buoy have important advantages and features, as :
- On line aerial data transmission (radio or telephone line)
- Easy assembling and installation
- Low cost
- Solar panels maintenance free for the power supply.
This buoy is supplied in three different configurations according to client’s requirements.

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