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Dexon’s sturdy marine range includes heavy duty lockers, bunk beds and mess room table.

Marine FurnitureCL01
Cabin Locker 1 Column 1 Compartment
Size: 1828mm(H) x 425mm(W) x 500mm(D)
Volume: 0.092m3 Pack: 1
Gross Weight: 40kgs
Capacity in 20’ container: 320
Capacity in 40’ container: 650


Cabin Locker 2 Columns 2 Compartments
Size: 1828mm(H) x 820mm(W) x 500mm(D)
Volume: 0.18 m3 Pack: 1
Weight: 65 KGs


2 Columns 4 Compartments
Size: 1828mm(H) x 610mm(W) x 457mm(D)
Volume: 0.12m3 Pack: 1
Gross Weight: 48kgs
Capacity in 20’ container: 250
Capacity in 40’ container: 500


Bunk Bed
Size: 1700mm(H) x 2100mm(W) x 900mm(D)
Gross Weight: 159kgs
Weight: 145 KG
Volume: 0.79 m3 Pack: 4


Mess Room Table
Size: 750mm(H) x 2000mm(W) x 800mm(D)
Volume: 0.23m3 Pack: 1
Gross Weight: 72kgs
Capacity in 20’ container: 125
Capacity in 40’ container: 260

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