Industrial Scientific - Fixed Controllers


Industrial Scientific - Fixed Controllers

• 2-16 Analog input channels
• Up to 34 on-board relays
• analog and RS485 outputs
• SIL 2

The MX 52 control unit allows various detectors to be connected and monitored. Any gas detector from Industrial Scientific or any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled.

The modular design and flexibility enable the MX 52 to be adapted to your exact requirements.


• 1-8 Analog input channels
• Up to 18 on-board relays
• analog and RS485 outputs
• LED and audible alarms

The MX 48 is designed to protect your property and personnel in environments likely to contain flammable or toxic gases.

Equipped with up to 8 independent channels, the MX 48 can be used to control different types of detectors. In fact, this unit is compatible with all the detector-transmitters in the Industrial Scientific range and any detector with a standard 4-20 mA output.

820 Controller
• 1-2 Analog input channels
• 4-20 mA pass-through
• Flexible ModBus RTU interface
• LED and audible alarms

A flexible solution for fixed-point gas monitoring installations, the 820 Controller is ideal for a wide range of applications, the 820 Controller can be used for its simple local monitoring and alarm capabilities as well as in more elaborate network setups.

Appropriate for both industrial and non-industrial applications, the two-channel analog controller can accept one or two 4-20 mA input signals from any gas transmitter and display the reading on the large LED display. The 820 Controller offers an easy-to-navigate user interface for configuration and control of every parameter including alarm values. The 820 Controller can also be part of a larger digital network using ModBus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) protocol. This interface can facilitate sensor data sharing and remote operation of the 820 Controller through any ModBus RTU controller. A built-in signal pass-through feature also allows the values of the two analog input signals to be sent as two isolated 4-20 mA signals to other PLC or DCS control devices.

Five programmable analog relays are also featured for alarm and fault conditions. When alarm conditions are reached, the 820 Controller can control alarms, fans and horns as well as emit its own audible alarm along with LED and real-time display notifications.

Compatible with Industrial Scientific’s iTrans and AirAware fixed-point gas detectors, the 820 Controller also includes programmable high and low alarm limits for each input channel, a real-time clock for time-stamping and date-stamping alarm records, separate alarm record tables for each input sensor, and a power LED that flashes when the supply power is above or below the acceptable range.

Surveyor 4B
• 1 Analog input channel
• 2 on-board relays
• LED and audible alarms
• Low cost, easy installation

Industrial Scientific Corporation has designed the SURVEYOR 4B as a monitoring apparatus especially to ensure the safety of boiler plants, battery charging rooms or small units where your operations are at risk due to possible escape flammable gas leaks.

Developed for the purpose of quick, safe detection, the SURVEYOR 4B control module combines highly reliable monitoring, simple implementation and low costs.

1600 Controller
• 1-16 Digital input channels
• 1 On-board relay
• ModBus master and slave device
• Easy interface to SCADA, HMI, and PLCs

Industrial Scientific's 1600 Controller is capable of monitoring up to 16 sensors of digital ModBus RTU channels of either iTrans™ or Digital Transmitters. Using the Industrial Scientific ModBus register set, the 1600 Controller will automatically recognize and configure channels based on the number of sensors attached to the unit; simplifying installation time and costs. A single on-board relay can be used to activate an external alarm device when alarm levels are reached. The 1600 Controller can be programmed to activate up to 16 external ModBus relay modules (available from third party sources). A secondary RS-232 interface is available to connect the controller to larger control systems, PLCs, or DCS systems.

CPS Car Park System
• Up to 256 points per system
• Up to 1,000 times faster than a pump system
• Parking facility electricity savings of up to 40%

Safe, accurate and reliable

The CPS Car Park System™ provides accurate and reliable monitoring for the highest level of protection in parking facilities and tunnels. The system was designed to comply with the high safety standards enforced in such European countries as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Continuous monitoring significantly reduces your operating costs by optimizing the efficiency of ventilation systems and servo controls. Such efficiencies can produce energy savings of up to 40% when used with specific equipment.


Available in wall- and rack- mounted versions, the CPS™ central controller and its various modules are user-programmable for specific applications. The system’s networking technology also enables the Car Park System™ to adapt to any installation up to:

• 256 sensors capable of monitoring 6 different gases
• 256 addressable relays
• 64 logic inputs
• 256 analog outputs.

Several servo controls can be used: low speed/high speed,

• 1-4 Analog input channels
• On-board relays
• Continuous auto test
• Central control network

The WinGas control unit is the solution to gas detection requirements in most industrial sectors. It has been manufactured especially for the protection of your personnel and your environment, evaluating in places likely to contain explosive or toxic gases. WinGas can be fitted with 4 independent channels, one display panel, common relays and a remote relay module.

Compliant with European norms, this fixed system was designed to maximise accuracy, reliability and decrease the maintenance usually required.

4800 Controller
• 8-48 Analog input channels
• Up to 72 digital input channels
• Optional datalogging
• Telephone dial-out

The 4800 Controller from Industrial Scientific is an 8 - 48 analog input controller. With its optional onboard relays, the 4800 can control alarms, fans, horns, etc., when alarm conditions are reached. Being fully programmable, relays can be set to activate from multiple channels, or multiple relays can be programmed to a single channel. Time delays can also be programmed for each relay. This allows the relays to activate after alarm conditions are met for specified periods, or de-activate after a specified time prior to an alarm.

Along with monitoring analog signals, the 4800 Controller can also monitor up to 72 digital ModBus RTU inputs. The 4800 can be set up as a ModBus RTU master unit to monitor these channels, or it can be set up as a ModBus RTU slave device. As a ModBus RTU slave device, the 4800 Controller can communicate to SCADA, HMI, and PLC controlled systems.

With a telephone line interface, the 4800 Controller has remote call out capabilities. This allows the controller to phone, fax, or page alarm notifications to users. Phone lists are user programmable and can be entered in a priority. The 4800 can also be remotely programmed via the telephone.

To keep track of events, the 4800 Controller has a built in event log. The event log will store 1,000 events. Events consist of calibrations, peaks, and alarms. The event log can be viewed via a local printer connected to the 4800 Controller, or through a PC.

• 1 Analog input channel
• 3 on-board relays
• LED and audible alarms
• Continuous self-test

Designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the new MX 15 controller provides the most cost effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic or flammable gases and vapors in ambient air.

Easy to install and operate, the MX 15 control unit combined with the OLC(T) 10 detectors provide a low cost solution for light industrial applications.

• 1-4 Analog input channels
• 10 on-board relays
• 4-20 mA pass-through
• LED and audible alarms

The MX 42A gas and flame measurement and alarm control unit provides you with the perfect response to your needs to ensure the safety of your equipment and personnel for work in environments which may contain explosive or toxic gases.

The MX 42A is connected to the corresponding detectors to efficiently solve your gas detection problems whether in industrial or commercial applications.

The control unit can accommodate one to four separate channels to provide a customized detection system.

Enhanced ergonomics and performance
• Easy to program
• Wall-mounted housing
• Quick and easy to install
• Power supply: 230 V AC or 115 V AC and 24 V DC (48 V DC optional)

Clear messages
• Large LCD display unit
• Display in cyclic mode or direct mode by keypad
• Alarm status; faults indicated by LEDs

Three alarm levels
• 3 separate alarm levels per channel, pre-programmed in the factory and adjustable by the user
• Built-in relays to connect with fans and alarms

Optimal equipment
• 2 separate relays per channel on 1st or 2nd threshold
• Common relay in case of failure
• Analog output by measuring channel

Reliable control unit
• Protection against electromagnetic interferences (EMI)
• Maintenance menu protected by access code
• Complete failure monitoring (detectors, control unit and line faults)
• Microprocessor-based design

• 1-2 Analog input channels
• Up to 5 on-board relays
• LED and audible alarms
• Continuous auto test

Introducing the MX32 measurement and alarm unit suitable for the protection of equipment and personnel in atmospheres which may contain flammable and toxic gases. Available with one or two channels, the MX 32 offers tailor-made detection capabilities and exceptional programming possibilities compatible with a wide range of fixed gas detectors.

The total cost of ownership is enhanced by easy installation and operating flexibility.




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