Nabakem - Special Industrial Articles

  • T-850 (Tapping Oil / Cutting Fluid)
  • ATL-277 (Air Tool Lubricant)
  • SF-1012 (Spot Freeze (-50C))
  • TC#1 (Tapping Compound / Cutting Fluid)
  • Power Bond A1 (Powerful Spray Bond)

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Nabakem - Textile Articles

  • NC-202 (Spinning Nozzle Lubricant)
  • NTC-50 (Spinning Nozzle Finishing Agent)
  • RC-33A (Residuum Cleaner, Foam Type, Heater Plate Surface Cleaner)
  • Nabasalt#10 (Heating Cleaner For Spinning Nozzle)
  • SR-99 (Easy Removal Of Oil Spots On Fabrics)
  • L-240F (Silicone Lubricant)

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Nabakem - Welding Supplies Spazero

  • SpaZero (Anti Spatter Agent)
  • SP-100C (Odorless, Water Base Anti Spatter Agent)
  • SP-100W3 (Odorless, Water Base ANti Spatter Agent)
  • Slag Remover WS-80 (Remover For Slag of Welding)
  • Nozzle Clean 7007 (Anti Spatter Agent For Nozzle and Tips)
  • Fine Silver W-540 (Metal Coating Agent For Rust Prevent And Anti Spatter)
  • NZ-400 (Welding Nozzle Protector)

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Nabekem - Antirust Agent and Coating Agent

  • SS-Coat 909 (Silver Zinc Spray)
  • SS-Coat 909AL (Smelting ALuminium Plating Coat)
  • SUS Coat L-316 (Stainless Steel Coating Agent)
  • Zincot N-50 (Zinc Rich COld Galvanizing Spray)
  • Spray Blacsen (Normal Temperature Graphite Coloring Agent)
  • Long#2 (Heavy Duty Rust Preventer)
  • Long#2G (Long Term Rust Preventer For Mold)
  • AR-203 Conc (Soluble Complex Anti Rust Additive)
  • Ara-505 (Rust Preventer, Dry Film Type)
  • K-980 (Peeling Enabled Liquid Packaged Vinyl Rustproof Protector)
  • ARA-404 (Water Soluble Temporary Rust Inhibitor)
  • UV-100 (Crystal Coat UV Guard)
  • F3 (Preprint Fixative)
  • Heat Resistant TFE Coat (PTFE Coating Agent)

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