Nabakem - Cleaner

  • DC-3000 (Multi Cleaner, Electro Contact Cleaner)
  • DC-5000 (Multi Cleaner, High Powered Degreaser)
  • DR-747 (Dust Blower For Maintenance Of Precision Equipment)
  • DB -77 (Powerful Dust Blower For Maintenace of Precision Equipment)
  • DB-55 (Powerful Dust Blower For Maintenance of Precision Equipment)
  • DB-1000(Non Flammable and Super Powerful Dust Blower)
  • MC-2 (Degreaser/Cleaner)
  • EMC-100 (Electric Motor Cleaner)
  • EMC-100A (nonflammable Electric Motor Cleaner)
  • SSR-450/SSR-220 (Sticker Stain Remover)
  • PC-77 (PC Cleaner)
  • SP-725 (Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser)
  • SP-725 (Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser)
  • PR-50A/PR-50P (Paint & Gasket Remover)
  • MS-87 (Multi Solvent Cleaner)
  • PMC-3 (High-Powered Metal Mold Cleaner)
  • C1 (High Performance Metal Mold Cleaner)
  • GP-100 (Multi Purfose Degreaser,Water Soluble Type)
  • NB-1 (Multi Purpose Cleaner)
  • ECC-90 (Electro Contact Cleaner)
  • Airconditioner Power Cleaner
  • DEC-2 (Ekectronic Communication Equipment Cleaner)
  • ER-200 (Superprecision Cleaner)
  • SS#1 (Resin Stripper)
  • NBH-3 (Hand Cleaner)
  • Muti-530 (Multi Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser)
  • Free-630 (Water Souble Cleaner)
  • BIO-730 (Multi Purpose Cleaner)
  • Dr.CD (CD Protection Agent)
  • TSC-001 (Tissue Type Cleaner)
  • LCD-3 (Cleaner For LCD Monitor)
  • AL-1000S (Water Soulbe Neutral PH Degreaser For Aluminium)
  • FR-7000 (Flux Remover)
  • EHC-200 (Cleaner for Governor Systen in Atomic Power Plant)
  • MDC-3 (Metal Cleaner)
  • BIO-7.5/8.0/13.5 (Environment Friendly Aqueous Cleaner)
  • PSC-1 (Powerful Osmotic Grease Remover Cleanser)
  • Nabaclean-314 (Super Degreaser)

Nabakem Cleaner
Nabakem Cleaner
Nabakem Cleaner
Nabakem Cleaner
Nabakem Cleaner
Nabakem Cleaner

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