Wilden - BIOPHARM™


Wilden - BIOPHARM™
Amplify your process

Wilden's line of high purity process pumps can power up to your process efficiency to meet the ever increasing demands put on your systems. 21 CFR certified material with complete traceability available, so you can feel secure in your decision to rely on Wilden pharmaceutical.

Benefits : 
∙    Superior system reliability
∙    Lubrication free operation
∙    Widest material selection available
∙    Containment diaphragms on all Teflon® fitted models
∙    CFR 21 material certification
∙    Full material traceability available
∙    Easy to disassemble and clean
∙    Portable models
∙    Gentle pumping action
∙    Excellent for sheer sensitive products
∙    Solids passage to 3"
∙    Delivery pressures to 17.2 bar (250 psig)

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